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A walk into the most elegant and stylish address in New Delhi, Vayu in Bikaner house enchants the mind.

Vayu, inside Bikaner House, is the place to be for lovers of fine art, intricate craftsmanship and holistic touches-a place that surely enchants the soul and bewilders the mind. Vayu was established by Vivek Sahni and Dave Chang as an interpretation of what contemporary living can mean, where past and present can be combined harmoniously with elegance and wit. They partnered with artisanal communities, designers, artists and the occasional maverick to showcase things that they love, both contemporary and antique. It is a bricolage aesthetic, a celebration of the complexity of India with an emphasis on Rajasthan. It takes you into an era unknown and allows you to get lost in the soiree of regal lifestyles and luxe personalities.


LBB, New Delhi

The breezy, white design store in Bikaner House, Vayu Design For Living, will make you lose sense of time as you discover handcrafted finds that belong in an artfully restored ancestral home.

A place that had once become a glorified bus stand for Jaipur buses is now a stunner thanks to Vasundhara Raje who resolved to get this iconic place the attention that it deserves. The story from rags to regalia wrote itself as the amphitheatre here got a facelift, a restaurant decided to set up shop and an art gallery started hosting shows.


Khaleej Times

Vayu - Design for Living, a concept store in the heart of Lutyen's Delhi, mixes contemporary style in its offerings, yet pays homage to India's rich cultural past.

If you are a part of Delhi's style set, then the names Vivek Sahni and Dave Chang will be very familiar to you. Partners for 20 years, they are the duo behind Vivek Sahni Design, a studio known for bringing a touch of modern Indian to design. 

They have worked with Good Earth, Tarun Tahiliani, Fendi and Dom Pérignon in branding, communications and events. The two are also part of the founding team behind Kama Ayurveda, a brand that brought the principles of ayurveda to a young urban audience in India. 



Heritage and modernity share shelf space at Vayu: Design for Living

Last week on a lovely spring night, the manicured moonlit gardens at Bikaner House in the heart of the capital came alive as a rather unusual venue for a fashion pop-up event. It was curated by Vayu: Design for Living, a charming little concept store located inside Bikaner House.

Effortlessly luxurious but with a touch of restraint, the spring collections by Lecoanet Hemant (the designer duo of Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar) and Rajni Malla that were showcased that evening were symbiotic of the ethos of Vayu, which celebrates the idea of modern India.


New York Times

Mute testament to the vanity of greatness, the once-resplendent city “bungalow” of the maharajahs of Bikaner stood forlorn for decades, a sad old heap at the center of this city.

After India’s independence and the abolition in the 1970s of the last vestiges of the princely feudal system, Bikaner House was vacated by its noble tenants and put to civic use. Unlike other similar palaces — the poetic pink sandstone Jaipur House, say, now the National Gallery of Modern Art — Bikaner House met a drearier fate as government offices and a bus depot.